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Sneaker culture has wholesale sneaker nike seen a lot in its 30-year history – from the spate of sportswear-related violence in the late '80s to the hysteria caused by anything on Kanye West's feet and the riots that greeted the 2011 release of the Air Jordan XI "Concord." The release of Nike's Air Foamposite One "Galaxy" in 2012, however, was the stuff of legend cheap wholesale nike sneakers. The Foamposite line had proved time and again to be popular with sneakerheads (consistently fetching between $250-$500 on the resell market), but the Galaxy colorway would create utterly insane levels of hype on release. People camped outside stores a week before the shoe dropped, it would reach bids of $70,000 on eBay and one die-hard sneakerhead even offered up his car for trade in an attempt to get the sneaker nike sneakers wholesale. The shoe currently resells at an average of $1,085 – almost a 500% increase from its original retail price.

Seasoned sneakerheads will know that huge markups and mile-long lineups are all just part of the game, wholesale nike sneakers outlet so what was it about the Galaxy Foams that were so significant?

"The Galaxy Foam was maybe the wholesale nike sneakers online biggest release ever in terms of its impact on the sneakerhead world" Josh Luber at sneakerhead data resource Campless told us. "It's at least partly responsible for the scene's massive growth." There were a few obvious reasons the Galaxy was a highly desired shoe – it was the first time Nike put a printed upper on a Foamposite, it celebrated 2012's NBA All-Star Weekend and was guaranteed to be limited. However, wholesale nike sneakers suppliers the Galaxy was much more than just a limited edition Nike sneaker – it signified the moment the Oregon sportswear giant's ability to create hype reached utterly stratospheric heights.


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